Coupe du Monde de Slalom organisée par Riderz sur l'esplanade du Trocadéro (Dernière édition en 2014 !)

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Messagepar claude regnier » 07 avr. 2008 à 22:54:26

hey folks, ca vas? we didn't thin we would make it and still may not but we are trying.

I plan to arrive on the 6th or so and Mary-Beth will likely arrive on the 9th. We only have a chance to go becasue we have airline credits that will almost cover total airfare but entry fee and accomodations are tough in Paris this time anyway.

If anyone has a place to stay it would be great. We are trying for an appartment like we usually do as they tend to be cheaper then a hotel room.

Any other info would be great. I imagine the event schedule and registration will be up soon. Look forward to seeing you all again. If we miss we will see some of you in Sweden, EH!
Pomper le Plaisr!!!

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